Butts in Motion

Collecting animated GIFs of women's behinds - 18+ and NSFW

deannacrawley asked...

Hi I just wanna say I LOVE your blog lol. I've recently been consider butt implants because I'm too skinny to have anything back there and workouts just aren't doing the trick. Should I?

Thanks for the kind words, nice to hear you’re enjoying the collection.

Butt implants? I wasn’t even aware they existed, but I guess one shouldn’t be surprised.

Personally, I (a guy) prefer the “imperfect” body of a woman - with parts being “too big” or “too small”, sagging where it “should” be firm, what have you - to one surgically altered to conform to an impossible ideal pushed by the media, advertising, etc. I don’t approach the male ideal, and I definitely would not undergo surgery to do so.

It’s your body of course, and therefore your decision alone. But I’d think hard about why you want to do it - and carefully consider the risks that go with such unnecessary medical procedures.

And don’t let the content of this blog influence you. It’s just supposed to be a bit of good clean (dirty?) fun - and with a big butt there’s simply more motion to turn into animation, that’s all there is to it. :-)